28th April 2021

Plans to bring forward the job-creating multimillion-pound ‘Shakespeare North Playhouse’ in Liverpool City Region’s town of Prescot look set to hit another major milestone.

CGI of how the Shakespeare North Playhouse will look.

The venue was developed as a vision and concept in 2006 and subsequently formed a substantial part of the masterplan for the regeneration of the area in 2015.

It has served to ‘significantly stimulate’ the ongoing wider works.

The Shakespeare North Trust had the initial idea to celebrate the unique history and heritage of Prescot and commemorate this with the project.

It will bring a host of jobs to area and yield an economic boost.

Knowsley Council expressed a view “some time ago” that the Trust would need to develop as an organisation to ensure that it was “able to move from a group focused on developing and pushing a vision, to one which was capable of operating such a high profile cultural and educational facility”.

As such, a governance review of the Trust was undertaken, which produced a set of recommendations for improvements.

On the back of the work completed by the organisation, it is believed that the composition of the board now has the majority of the additional skills and experience required to support the transition into becoming “operationally ready” to oversee the venue.

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28th April 2021