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Liverpool is part of Europe’s biggest bio-manufacturing cluster. We’re known for the hundreds of global brands that are made here.

But we’re not only making things here; we’re making them better, greener, safer and more efficient. And we’ve got some new tools in our workshop: Supercomputing; Robotics; Virtual Reality; Internet of Things; Sensors; Big Data and Big Science.

  • Major European Biomanufacturing cluster
  • Leading Industry 4.0 initiatives
  • £1 billion logistics investment
We make things here. We make them better, greener, safer and smarter

From the creative sparks imagining new materials and processes; to the chemists discovering new drugs and the scientists rolling back frontiers. In factories, science parks and university laboratories; in every corner of this great manufacturing city; we are creating something special.

One of the biggest opportunities for manufacturing firms in Liverpool is the access to a new ports and logistics infrastructure. More than £1 billion of intermodal infrastructure investment and a new deep-water container terminal, means faster global supply chain transit for products made here.

  • Leading innovation
  • Advancing technology
  • Powering global industry

Liverpool is leading the way on Industry 4.0, with the ambition, the talent and the tools to lead the fourth industrial revolution. But there’s nothing artificial about our intelligence. And there’s nothing robotic about our people.

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