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Liverpool has always been a gateway. Our geography and natural assets have shaped commercial and cultural life here for centuries. Our role in the national and global economy has never been more relevant as international manufacturers make the most of our global links to reach customers and suppliers all over the world.

One of the biggest opportunities for businesses in Liverpool is access to a new ports and logistics infrastructure. Liverpool offers a highly integrated cluster of modern logistics assets and expertise. These assets are delivering faster, greener global market access for companies that are moving goods to and from northern UK and Ireland via an enlarged post-Panamax container port at Liverpool.

  • More than £1 billion invested in new intermodal ports and logistics infrastructure
  • 10 motorways, within 10 miles and 10 rail-linked terminals
  • 35 million people live closer to Liverpool than southern ports
  • Lower cost development land and warehouses
One of the best equipped and connected terminals enables goods to be shipped directly to the centre of the UK on the world’s largest vessels
  • £1 Billion investment in port and infrastructure
  • £400 million invested into Liverpool2 deep water terminal, taking 95% of the world’s largest ships
  • Home to four of the world's top five shipping lanes

The cost of land and property in Liverpool is extremely competitive here and operating costs are among the most favourable in the UK. Liverpool has a breadth of available sites and specialist facilities ideally suited to modern logistics needs.

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