Liverpool’s Fabric District stands as a testament to the city’s continuous growth and innovation. With numerous projects already underway and an exciting future on the horizon, investors are presented with a fantastic opportunity to be part of the transformation of this fast-evolving urban landscape.

  • Historic Liverpool site primed for urban transformation
  • Bold residential development potential
  • Unique cultural renaissance in progress
  • Committed partners driving a community-driven evolution
“Our plans for Fabric District retain the best of what’s already here and respects its history, while welcoming an exciting new community of homes and businesses…”
Michael Birkett
Chair of the Fabric District CIC

In recent developments, Duke Developments has proposed an ambitious project for the Fabric District, envisioning the construction of 70 modern flats and commercial spaces behind TJ Hughes. Two blocks, standing seven and five stories high respectively, promise to reshape the district’s skyline. While these plans await approval from Liverpool City Council, they join a lineup of ongoing and upcoming projects that signify a surge in the area’s real estate potential.

Venturing further into Kempston Street, the site of the former Hughes House is witnessing a major facelift, with over 200 new apartments set to grace London Road. Parallel plans to convert Audley House into nearly 200 flats have received the green light, marking the end of a century-long era for the TJ Hughes brand overlooking Monument Place.

  • Fabric District's retail area, featuring Liverpool's TJ Hughes
  • The perimeter of Liverpool's Fabric District
  • Artist's mural in Liverpool's Fabric District

TJ Hughes, in its pursuit of a more bustling location, is poised to relocate, bringing an influx of new customers to the area by the summer of 2023. Simultaneously, the creative landscape of the Fabric District is evolving with the closure of the Liverpool Fashion Hub in the Tapestry building. A new chapter is unfolding, guided by the Fabric District CIC board’s vision for a community-driven evolution, celebrated through a recent public consultation.

The district’s creative pulse remains strong with the arrival of Parr Street Studio on Kempston Street, ready to contribute to Liverpool’s rich musical history. As plans for the iconic Monument Place unfold, a potential ‘container yard’ promises to enhance the area’s food and drink offerings, providing an exciting prospect for investors seeking to capitalize on the region’s diverse economic landscape.

  • Artist's mural in Liverpool's Fabric District
  • Aerial view of Liverpool's Fabric District map
  • Historic Image of Monument Place, on Liverpool's London Road in the Fabric District

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