Littlewoods Film & Television Studios

Littlewoods Film & Television Studios

Liverpool’s burgeoning creative sector will be significantly bolstered by the development of the Littlewoods Film and Television Studios. This £60 million project aims to transform the iconic Littlewoods Building into a state-of-the-art digital media hub.

The facility will include two large studios, office spaces, and an education center, alongside a new roof garden and central hangar offering versatile event spaces. This development is poised to enhance Liverpool’s appeal to high-profile media productions and foster growth in the city’s already thriving creative industries, attracting investors interested in the dynamic film and television market.

  • Historic Art Deco Liverpool Building
  • £60 million redevelopment
  • 260,0000 sq ft commercial office space
  • Home to two high-specification sound stages
The remediation of the Littlewoods Building is a watershed moment for Liverpool’s TV and film industry. This important step marks the end of all the talking about the vision for this iconic site and the beginning of the action to make the dream a reality.
Councillor Liam Robinson
Leader of Liverpool City Council

Phase 1: Currently underway, involving survey, investigation, remediation, and design to determine fixed costs for the main building works.

Phase 2: Scheduled to begin in 2025, focusing on construction.

This incredible development is set to transform Liverpool and the wider City Region, enhancing its status in TV and film production. It aims to attract high-profile occupiers and bolster Liverpool’s appeal to investors, businesses, and talent. Liverpool’s creative and games sector already hosts over 144 content companies, 70% of which are in the city. Advancements in visual effects using game engines are opening new possibilities in film and TV production, supporting a thriving cluster of creators and innovators.

  • CGI Artist impression of Littlewoods Film Studios
  • CGI Artist impression of Littlewoods Film Studios
  • CGI Artist impression of Littlewoods Film Studios

Liverpool’s long-established creative and games sector skill base has supported the expansion of creative content makers with more than 144+ creative content companies already based across the city region of which 70% are based in Liverpool.

As technologies develop using games engines in visual effects there are more creative possibilities in film and TV production. This will support an economic cluster of creators, producers and innovators to this area. There is circa. 175,000 sq ft of commercial space available to let.

Developers Capital and Centric have commenced remediation of the site, beginning a comprehensive strip out of the buildings and securing their structural integrity, preparing them for repurposing and restoration.

This first phase of work paved the way for main contractors to move in, with two new 20,000sq.ft studios for big-budget productions the first to be constructed on the neighbouring land.

  • CGI Artist impression of Littlewoods Film Studios
  • The Littlewoods Building was instrumental in World War II and famously home to the Littlewoods Pools
  • in 2023 Liverpool hosted 301 productions, consisting of 1,933 film days

The existing building features three distinct sections – the east and west wing, which are separated by the Hangar, a 1960s addition. Our proposals incorporate the existing building as well as the neighbouring land, with the Littlewoods Project set to feature:

Two new build 20,000 sq.ft studios, providing space for indoor sound stages for big budget productions | A screening and performance space with an existing hanger to feature five cinema screens, a performance space and a foodhall | Space in the West Wing for uses such as offices for creative businesses. | Workspaces in the East Wing, as well as workshops and studio support facilities. | Reinstating of the clock on the iconic tower. | A lush, green courtyard and landscaped areas

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