Baltic Creative CIC teams up with SEA Creative Hub to connect creative and digital businesses across the world 

8th July 2022

Baltic Creative Community Interest Company (CIC) has partnered with the Creative Hubs for Good programme, an initiative developed in Malaysia alongside five other Southeast Asian (SEA) countries to be key drivers and catalysts for good across the region.

Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle is now home to more than 500 businesses

The partnership, facilitated by the British Council, intends to connect Liverpool City Region’s digital and creative organisations with like-minded businesses in SEA, creating opportunities for international trade, learning and collaboration.


Businesses engaged with the programme will connect through the Creative Hubs Malaysia website, a digital platform created with the aim of connecting Malaysian creative hubs and increasing their visibility to policymakers and the public. As lead UK partners, Baltic Creative will work in conjunction with the British Council to use its network to co-curate the content of the platform with input from the UK sector, as well as coordinate events and networking activities with suitable UK businesses.  


Since launching over ten years ago, Baltic Creative has established itself as a significant European network for digital and creative organisations, paving the way for further expansion and now offering its connections to Malaysian and SEA hubs.  


Dr. Fiona Armstrong-Gibbs, chair of the Baltic Creative board, said: “Liverpool has long been a hotbed for digital and creative talent, but we’ve found at Baltic Creative that one of the best ways to facilitate its growth is to enable collaboration. The nature of the sector is that it’s always evolving too, so it’s important that we continue to seek out new connections and learn from others’ experiences.  


“Our partnership with the Creative Hubs for Good programme is a unique opportunity for not only our tenants but other hubs across Liverpool to come together and expand their networks for the benefit of their own businesses and the region.” 


Florence Lambert from the British Council said: “Creative Hubs Connect Network is a bridge that will connect hubs communities from the UK, with hubs communities from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines and Thailand. It will be a window open to knowledge, connections and best practices.  


“We hope it will lead you to reach new audiences, explore new markets and foster creative explorations and collaborations. The British Council is proud to support this new and unique networking platform and we encourage you to join us and meet new partners on the platform.” 


Businesses looking to engage in the programme are encouraged to sign up to the live engagement event