From spare room to Science Park, electrical engineering firm celebrates 10 years alongside national project win

by Ian Hughes
6th December 2023

DefProc Engineering is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a key project win after an incredible period of growth for the wife and husband team behind the company.

The electrical engineering firm based in Liverpool Science Park started life in a spare room with no equipment and no investment.

But ten years on, DefProc now boasts a compound annual growth rate of more than 26%, a six-figure turnover, and national innovation partnerships for the award-winning engineering firm.

DefProc Engineering’s latest project win is with Bomac Electric, a prominent player in the heating element industry, which has appointed DefProc to work with them as an innovation partner on a project for Innovate UK.


DefeProc wife and husband team

Speaking about DefProc’s future vision, co-founder and head of engineering, Patrick Fenner, said:

“The adoption of the Internet of Things, sensors and making things smart is quite new to a lot of companies but we have been doing it for 10 years now, giving us a competitive advantage in a burgeoning market.

“Everything we made at the start of our journey was quite simple but has gradually evolved in complexity; we now have a deep understanding of how to scale things from small to large.

“In the future, we want to be at the forefront of helping people adopt technology on a large scale, commercialise some of our current products and continue to be involved in tech for good, inclusive innovation and tech for purpose.”

Over the last ten years, DefProc’s biggest project win was its six-figure deal with Northern Gas Network for its Smart Pressure Sensor, which will fill the expected market need for the monitoring of supply pressure and low-pressure shut-off status, significantly reducing the disruption in homes if gas supply is lost.

However, the partnership with Bomac Electric looks set to be equally successful for the DefProc Engineering team.

Julia McDonald, commercial and marketing director at Bomac Electric said:

“Bomac has found a valuable partner in Defproc Engineering for our new venture funded by Innovate UK.

“Despite being one of a few companies that we approached, Defproc quickly grasped our project requirements, delivering a proposal that perfectly aligned with our goals, and displaying flexibility.

“We’re only in the early stages, but initial signs indicate that this collaboration will be remarkably seamless.”

Co-founder and managing director, Jen Fenner explains how DefProc’s services have evolved:

“We started by helping others turn their ideas into reality at concept stage, but large organisations, such as Northern Gas Networks and Bomac Electric, now use us to help improve innovation at every level of their company.

“Our first national project with the Environment Agency was revolutionary for them and us, teaching 48 members of staff across the country how to create new devices for collecting data and gaining better insight into the environment.

“This latest partnership with Bomac Electric reflects our mission for the future – being able to offer bespoke solutions to long-term innovation partners, that will make a real difference to the economy, environment and engineering industry.”

Over the last decade, DefProc Engineering’s innovative approach and organic growth have attracted clients across an array of sectors, including Northern Gas Network, the EIC and the Environment Agency, BBC R&D, FACT, The Science Museum Group, Culture Liverpool, Bruntwood, as well as working as a consortium partner for the Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care Testbed.

DefProc Engineering is an expert team of multi-disciplinary engineers, who collaborate with clients to make their concept a reality.

Founded in 2013, DefProc specialises in research and development for innovative products, designing for manufacturing processes, and small-run production for testing. It offers end-to-end services, supporting clients from proof of concept through to passing regulatory testing.

Whether it’s producing a prototype for an IoT device, connecting a network of sensors, or developing the UK’s biggest projection-mapped game, DefProc will create ground-breaking projects.

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Ian Hughes
Ian Hughes
Marketing Manager
6th December 2023