The five areas your business can focus on to make the most of a UK recovery in 2021

7th July 2021

The last 15 months have seen businesses forced into a mode of firefighting. However, as the UK cautiously edges towards a national recovery, are you confident that you know what your business needs to be doing right now and into the future to ensure that you fully capitalise on the economic upturn?

Date: 15 Jul 2021

Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 am

This webinar will give business leaders information and insight they need in order to kick start their own recovery and prepare the way for solid growth in 2021 and beyond. In fact, new data suggests that 43% of companies in the Liverpool City Region want to grow their business in 2021.

With the ambition clearly there, this webinar will give business leaders information around five key areas that they can focus on to make the most of a UK recovery, with speakers building on these areas with:

• A look at some of the key emerging trends which will impact how we do business moving forward
• Insight on where to spend the most time in the short term to secure the quickest recovery including the management of working capital and creating the right financial conditions for growth,
• A view on the future of business in Liverpool and how the current working arrangements could develop future working practices
• Insight on the support available to business leaders to get their business geared up for growth

We will hear from key speakers:
1. Mark Sykes – Host, BDO
2. Peter Sandman – Head of Visitor Economy, Growth Platform
3. Gavin Anderson – NED, Tribe First
4. Andy Cooper and John Keefe – Director and Co-founder and Director, Draw and Code
5. Lisa Ashby-Dowling – Commercial Broker, Growth Platform


7th July 2021