WATCH OUR WEBINAR EVENT: ‘Place Branding Question Time – Liverpool Edition’

26th March 2021

Held on Thursday 25 March, The Place Branding Question Time webinar focused on the impact of Brexit on inward investment, trade and talent.

Featuring presentation by thought leaders and place branding experts from some of Europe’s leading port cities including Liverpool, Rotterdam, Barcelona and Gothenburg, the event examined a number of critical and highly topical issues that face the world and port cities in 2021.

Did the impact of Brexit become irrelevant in the midst of a global pandemic? Some have argued that businesses already have to change the way they work due to Covid-19, doing so for Brexit as well reduces the additional impact. Or are the economic impacts of Brexit and Covid-19 magnifying each other? Who are the winners? Who are the losers?

Watch our webinar to answer all these questions and more. See our panelists answer probing questions regarding the impact of Brexit and how port cities are adapting to help businesses and talent find their way in the new world of 2021.

This event featured contributions from:

  • Chris Brown, Moderator and Director, Marketing Liverpool
  • Colin Sinclair, CEO at Knowledge Quarter Liverpool and Sciontec Liverpool
  • Cristina Valiñani, Projects Director, Barcelona Global
  • Andreas Göthberg, Head of FDI, Business Region Göteborg
  • Wilbert Lek, Managing Director, Rotterdam Partners



26th March 2021