Liverpool City Region’s Seqiris Strengthens UK influenza vaccine response following £50 million investment

3rd June 2021

Seqirus has strengthened the UK’s vaccine response to influenza as its high-speed syringe filling and packing facility in Liverpool starts rolling out millions of doses.

The facility is the largest vaccine manufacturing site of its kind in the UK, producing over 50 million doses of seasonal influenza vaccine each year, with the ability to increase production to 200 million doses in the event of an influenza pandemic.

The site now has a high-speed fill-and-finish facility, which enables start-to-finish onshore manufacturing, where previously the vaccine would be sent abroad to be put into syringes and packed.

This enables Seqirus to complete the entire start-to-end vaccine manufacturing process at the Liverpool site and shortens the supply lead time by more than one to two weeks per batch.

The new facility represents an investment of nearly £50m, creating more than 120 jobs.

It was completed over a four-year period and is the result of a collaboration with local government who contributed £1m.

The new filling line will allow Seqirus to produce finished doses of influenza vaccine more quickly in the event of an influenza pandemic.

Nigel Hilton, head of manufacturing and site head at Liverpool, said: “Bringing the fill-and-finish capability in house means we can simplify the supply chain, allowing us to shorten lead times to supply vaccines to the UK and other governments who need them.

“The £50m investment also benefits the local Liverpool economy with the introduction of more than 120 high value local jobs at the site, with even more jobs opening up as we expand our supply capability further.”

Sharon McHale, head of global policy and government affairs at Seqirus, added: “This is a proud moment for Seqirus and our local partners who helped make this possible.

“Our ability to make vaccines from start-to-finish on our Liverpool site enables us to be better assured of a continued supply of seasonal influenza vaccines in the UK and beyond, and speed response to the next influenza pandemic.”

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3rd June 2021