Liverpool’s based Scallywag Arcade, by Draw and Code Studio, create the official ‘Taskmaster VR’ Game (and it looks incredible)

29th November 2023

Step up and get tasking under the judgement of the almighty Taskmaster and his assistant Little Alex Horne in the upcoming virtual reality game, Taskmaster VR. Published by Scallywag Arcade, a Draw & Code studio, Taskmaster VR is set to launch in 2024 for Meta Quest 2 and 3.

Taskmaster VR Hero Art

Taskmaster VR Hero Art

Made in partnership with Avalon, the production company behind the hit show, Taskmaster VR will give everyone the chance to test themselves against the whims of the Taskmaster and his menagerie of challenging and extraordinary tasks from the comfort of their own homes.

Draw & Code are immersive and experiential content specialists based in Liverpool.  The studio has an international footprint, having been working with games technology such as VR (virtual reality) for over a decade, completing over 150 projects along the way. Draw and Code clients include Google, Sony, Warner Bros, Mercedes-Benz, Liverpool FC, Red Bull, Chelsea FC and the BBC.

Scallywag Arcade is a new indie game studio that lives and breathes video games. The studio has emerged from VR and AR veterans Draw & Code and it is helmed by industry veterans who mastered their craft at Warner Bros, PlayStation, Aardman, Just Add Water and Merge Games amongst others. Scallywag Arcade mix a life-long passion for creative play with our day-to-day experimental antics to create games with a unique vibe that our players will remember forever.

Andy Cooper, Director at Draw and Code, said:

“Draw & Code has been bringing the weirdest and most wonderful experiences to life for the past 10 years, so to get the opportunity to transform Taskmaster into VR was a dream collaboration.

“Some of the nicest feedback so far has to be people saying that we have really grasped what Taskmaster is about. We’ve been fans of the show from the beginning, before we worked with Alex Horne and his team, so this means a lot.

“We’re really proud to have brought production of Taskmaster VR to our Liverpool studio.Not only is Liverpool a creative and innovative place, everyone is a comedian too! I guess that a Liverpool team being enlisted to work on a comedy IP like this was meant to be!”

“The world of Taskmaster is perfect for VR” said Niall Taylor, Head of Games at Scallywag Arcade.

“Combining the hilarity of the show with the freedom of virtual reality gives players an immersive (and slightly mad) experience”.

Alex Horne, the show’s creator, and Taskmaster’s Assistant said:

“Genuinely, this is extraordinary, brilliant and very fun. Also, I’ve always wanted to be a contestant on Taskmaster so this is great for me as a VR user, except that I will also have my virtual self watching my attempts and undermining my confidence so I may well regret the whole venture after I’ve had a go”.

Greg Davies, the Taskmaster himself said:

“The team have done an incredible job and the game is a really exciting addition to the Taskmaster world.  On a personal note, the creation of a virtual reality Taskmaster takes me ever closer to my ultimate goal of working without even leaving my sofa”.

Jon Thoday, executive producer of Taskmaster, added:

“We are delighted to be working with Draw & Code to expand Taskmaster to the gaming world and see the creative mind of Alex Horne and his team played out in virtual reality”.

Taskmaster VR is set to offer fans and gamers an immersive opportunity to engage with their favourite show and its stars in an entirely new way. The TV sensation’s mastermind Alex Horne and magnificent host Greg Davies will be with the player every step of the way in this fully voice acted experience.

Combining the creativity of Taskmaster with cutting-edge virtual reality technology, players will step into the shoes of an intrepid contestant and let loose in the Taskmaster House and studio in their attempt to claim Greg’s glistening golden head trophy and call themselves a Taskmaster Champion.

From the lab to the caravan to the garden, you’ll have the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the iconic house and become part of the show while encountering some familiar faces along the way.

Expect laughter, creativity, and fun for all ages. Whether you’re a die-hard Taskmaster enthusiast or new to the concept, this VR game is sure to entertain and amuse. And remember, all of the information is on the Task. Your time starts now.

Taskmaster is a BAFTA winning and International Emmy nominated comedy entertainment show originally created by Alex Horne. Greg Davies stars as the all-powerful “Taskmaster” who, with the help of his loyal assistant Horne, sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five comedians through a series of strange and surreal challenges in what is the most hard-fought and ridiculous comedy entertainment format on TV.

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29th November 2023