by Kaleidoscope
16th July 2018

It’s no wonder developers want a piece of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. The Creative and Digital Quarter of Liverpool City Centre has fast become one of the hottest areas in town, mainly because it’s just a fantastic place work.

Yes, it’s got nice restaurants and bars. Yes, it’s ‘edgy’ and ideally situated. Yes, it’s bursting with artistic energy. But the success of the Baltic and the wide variety of businesses within it seems to come down to three things. Creativity, collaboration, and a natural community spirit.

It’s the businesses and people that make the area what it is – One of the fastest growing business clusters in the UK.

Any up-and-coming, dynamic area will inevitably witness a fair few changes over the years, but at its heart, the Baltic Triangle is a home for creative businesses. Let’s hope it forever retains its fundamental ‘raison d’être’.

Watch the short film below and read some of the quotes it contains and you’ll start to understand what makes the area so special. Believe in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

Michael Braithwaite, Agency Director:

“It’s something that people don’t necessarily think enough about is, like, where do you want to work? What is your personality type? What do you feel comfortable with? Because you do this every day, so you may as well make that choice and make it happen.

“You can join a startup and be one of the directors, or you can join a company that’s ten people or 15 people, all the way up to 1000 people.

“You can literally do everything [in Liverpool] without the hassle.”

Ian Finch, Agency Director

“The city has gone through this massive renaissance and you can see that the same thing has happened in the economy and the businesses within it.

“Internationally Liverpool’s got an incredible reputation for the quality of our work, the creativity, our reach.

“Some of the start-ups we’re dealing with, we’ve got people directly selling into China, getting global publishing deals for games and VR/AR work.

“Crazily our offices here are pretty much the same as they are in London, except we’ve got ten times the space here. That allows us to have collaboration areas and break-out zones and explore different ways of working together.”

Adam Friday, Senior UX Consultant

“The city is hugely diverse and I mean that in terms of thought, in terms of race, gender, everything. It’s got it all.

“I was surprised at the breadth of the clients and the opportunities to work on different projects and that was an attractive proposition when moving up here. I could carve out a space of that for myself and make a name for myself.

Carl Wong, Agency Director

“The city has got fantastic skill and people here who are forward-looking, who are creative, who are collaborative.

“[The city has] the honesty, the humour, the willingness to collaborate and be open.

Paul Corcoran, Agency Director

“What’s been brilliant is to see over the last 12 years the emergence of this really vibrant, connected, energetic, dynamic creative and digital sector.

“It’s good to be part of something that is changing for the better. It’s the energy here that helps you do great work in life. So, find a place that loves you. Here!”

Erika Anderson, Creative Strategist

“There’s always something new happening but it’s not new in the sense that it’s transient and it’s going to be gone tomorrow. It’s new in the sense that’s it’s almost reaching a sort of critical mass.

“My commute is ten minutes. I live next door to the second biggest park in all of Britain. I’ve got an amazing cultural landscape right on my doorstep and it’s something you can feel. It’s something you can really participate in.”

Kate Rylance, UK Research Manager

“I think it’s that attitude of not being afraid to fail, not being afraid to make changes and be bold.”

Andy Kent, Agency Director

“It’s got so much potential and it’s got so many companies that are just bursting and ready to go national or international and it just feels like the infrastructure here and the networks here that are involved, that I think it’s a really exciting time to be here in the city.

Steve Todd, Agency Technical Director & Gavin Sherrat, Agency Managing Director

“The city has a great vibe through its community, it creates flexibility, it creates a can-do attitude. Our teams cross-pollinate out at events and they’re learning together, which makes us stronger.

Mark Lawler, Baltic Creative Managing Director

“Baltic Creative has contributed to the development of the Baltic Triangle as one of the fastest growing clusters in the UK, to support creatives, whether they’re makers, artists or designers, app, web, publishers, printers, the whole range really. Our intention was to create an environment where all of those businesses could connect with each other, really.”

Gavin Homan, Agency Director

“I could almost describe it as a mini Shoreditch. You’ve got great restaurants, bars on your doorstep, people around you, with a similar vibe, relaxed atmosphere and then obviously there’s lots of development going on in the city.”


With special thanks to:

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16th July 2018