Case study – Rathbones Investment Management

15th October 2018

Liverpool is the birthplace of Rathbones. Rathbones Investment Management is one of the UK’s leading providers of investment management, with over 39,000 clients, and £23.9 billion of funds under management.

The relationship between Rathbones and Liverpool is one of the threads connecting past, present and future. Though now a UK-wide company with a London head office, Liverpool remains an important part of Rathbones.

Their office in Liverpool is an example of how their business continues to adapt and change. The historic Port of Liverpool Building on the waterfront is a reminder of their beginnings. The modern operations centre they have created within shows a business thinking ahead.

“Rathbones located our main group operational functions in the city and nearly half of the employees of the group. We’ve been able to do this because Liverpool is such a cost effective location.

More importantly, the city enables us to access a highly qualified and valuable workforce.”

Andrew Morris
Director, Rathbones

15th October 2018