Case study – Bibby Line

15th October 2018

Bibby Line is a privately-owned business services group with its roots in shipping. They have built a strong reputation over 200 years for professionalism, integrity and quality. Bibby Line aims to grow, diversify and further strengthen its position in its chosen markets.

“We started here because my ancestors chose to live here, but we stayed here because we really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

“These days, an international shipping line could have its headquarters anywhere in the world. But our shipping business chose to stay based in the city. Liverpool’s got great connectivity, a well qualified, skilled talent pool, and loyal, hard working labour force.”

“We’ve worked hard to create a cluster hub for maritime industry, to stimulate trade between different businesses – and generate a centre of excellence, all of which makes it easier to recruit the very best people at a senior level.

“With the Liverpool Two container port in development, that can only mean that Liverpool’s shipping trade has a very strong future. And that’s great for us.”

Sir Michael Bibby
Chairman, Bibby Line

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15th October 2018