Smart Breakfast Event at Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference

19th November 2015

24th November at 9:00am Room 3A at the ACC Liverpool

The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) and the UK‐Israel Tech Hub are delighted to invite you to Networking and Discussion with Israel’s Smart Energy Delegation.

Join us for a Smart Breakfast as we discuss how energy businesses in the UK can benefit from Israeli innovation in the areas of operational efficiency, cyber‐security, customer services and command‐and‐control monitoring.

To register for the event, or for additional information, please contact:

Israeli companies represented:

  1. Powerplug – Reducing PC power consumption with zero interference with IT operations
  2. CallVu – Turning “analog” customer service phone calls into a digital experience.
  3. mPrest – Mission-critical monitoring; “connecting the dots” on a single information grid.
  4. Radiflow – Cyber-security solutions for critical distributed automation applications.
19th November 2015