by Kaleidoscope
25th July 2018

Liverpool City Region has landed is in the UK’s top five tourist destinations with a surge in visitors.

The number of overseas visitors coming to Liverpool has risen by a quarter in just one year. The tourism boom saw a total of 839,000 foreign visitors in 2017, up from 671,000 the year before, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Liverpool now ranks as the fourth city which is most visited by tourists in the UK, with the nation’s capital cities, London and Edinburgh taking the top two positions.

Liverpool City Region economy also benefited, as tourism brought in an extra £100 million.

A breakdown shows that 303,000 were visiting Liverpool for a holiday while 171,000 were on business and 155,000 were seeing family or friends. Most of the visitors who came to Liverpool were from Europe, with 6.2 percent from North America.

The overall value of foreign tourism of all kinds to Liverpool rose from £254 million to £358 million over the year. That figure includes the cost of accommodation, as well as any spend while in the city.

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25th July 2018