Liverpool firm wins grant to develop ‘digital humans’

15th September 2023

Source: LBN Daily

A Liverpool firm that is developing ‘digital humans’ powered by artificial intelligence has secured research funding from Innovate UK.

Digital human DJ, Dex developed by Liverpool firm Sum Vivas

Digital human DJ, Dex developed by Liverpool firm Sum Vivas

Liverpool tech business Sum Vivas has secured a £45,000 grant from the Government-backed Innovate UK to continue developing its ‘digital humans’.

Already used across a number of business sectors, digital humans are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and are designed to interact directly with customers, staff, or third parties.

Founded in 2022, Sum Vivas specialises in creating interactive, AI-powered digital humans, environments, clothing, and 3D digital assets. They are for use in both the physical and digital worlds.

Now the business has secured funding from Innovate UK’s Creative Catalyst 2023 programme. This cash will be used to further its work in developing the digital humans.

It comes ahead of the firm’s debut appearance at this month’s Digital Fashion Week New York. This sees the worlds of fashion and tech collide to explore innovation in the fashion industry from design concept to consumer.

Sum Vivas chief executive, Rob Sims, said:

“The funding and overall support this programme brings to Sum Vivas will be invaluable for our groundbreaking research and development programme.

“It will be used to perfect the real-time interaction of digital humans across a wide variety of uses.

“It is also a testament to the great efforts we are making in the area of responsible technology – ensuring our innovations not only benefit society but adhere to the highest ethical standards. 

“Sum Vivas remains committed to the ethical development of technology and AI and we continue to collaborate extensively with industry leaders, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders to establish robust guidelines and best practices for our customers.”

At the New York event, Sum Vivas will be sharing the firm’s vision of a digitally enhanced future with special performances from the UK’s first digital human DJ, Dex.

Sectors already using digital humans include retail, fashion, banking and finance, education, health and mental wellbeing, as well as performance artists.

Chief creative officer Denise Harris added:

“This is an incredible opportunity to develop at a global scale and meet with brands who are increasingly collaborating with digital humans due to the many advantages they offer.

“With advancements in technology, Digital Humans have transcended their initial use in video games and special effects to emerge as credible brand ambassadors across various industries.”

For more information on Sum Vivas click HERE.

15th September 2023