by Kaleidoscope
2nd August 2018

It’s our job to sell the Liverpool City Region to the world as a premier investment choice. We talk about sectors, property, skills and business incentives (all of which are world class BTW). But Liverpool cannot be defined by such things alone.

To really talk about Liverpool, to really make people ‘get’ why this place is so extraordinary we have to talk about culture. We have to talk about art, and we have to talk about creativity.

Liverpool’s risk-taking inventiveness, openness to new artistic visions, and desire to really say something intelligent about the world, through art, is yet another thing that sets our city apart and adds to our unique character.

Every two years, this characteristic is indulged, bolstered and exemplified by the always brilliant Liverpool Biennial (14 July – 28 October). The world-renowned, free festival of contemporary art is the physical manifestation of our city region’s audacious artistic spirit.



The artistic concept and title for this year’s festival – The 10th edition of the Biennial – is ‘Beautiful World, where are you?’. A theme derived from a 1788 poem by the German poet Friedrich Schiller. But don’t worry, Biennial 2018 isn’t really about eighteenth-century poetry.

It’s about a world gripped by deep uncertainty, social, political and environmental turmoil and living on a planet that’s increasingly divided.  (A theme one could easily argue is even more relevant today.)

That’s why we encourage international Invest Liverpool delegations, throughout the festival, to be sure to leap through the Biennial ‘rabbit hole’ with both feet and go on a weird and wonderful journey of discovery, enlightenment and introspection.

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We recently took the leap ourselves, hitting all 20+ spots and shared our experience on Twitter @InvestLiverpool.

We witnessed wondrous sights, passionate expressions of art, puzzled looks and enthralled faces. The brave and provocative Liverpool Biennial 2018 l delighted, disarmed, charmed and terrified in equal measure.

Follow our journey. Challenge your perceptions. Fuel artistic expression and further the global debate around the type of world we want to live in.

Visit biennial.com, take a look around and follow this particular bunch of white rabbits by visiting our Twitter moment HERE. 

2nd August 2018