10th February 2021

A Liverpool-based app that designed to encourage customers to positively impact the world through their finances has secured a £2.5m investment.

Tickr app image

Tickr – which was developed by Tom McGillycuddy and co-founder Matt Latham – has been backed by Ada Ventures.

Together, the duo set out to demystify investing, showing a “new generation that they are able to grow their money and have a positive impact at the same time”.

McGillycuddy said: “We believe that within the next five to ten years, impact investing will just be called investing. It’s the only way our generation wants to invest, and because of that they’re driving industry-wide structural change.

“We think this change has only just started, and within the next few years it will completely transform financial services and how people think about their money.

“We’re incredibly grateful to Ada for believing in our purpose and vision for Tickr, and their backing will allow us to strengthen our team, accelerate our product roadmap and double down on customer growth this year and beyond.”

Matt Penneycard, founding partner of Ada Ventures, added: “Tickr is capturing something powerful and ethereal – a modern investing mindset that wants more say in the second and third degree effects of what happens with our money.

“When we first spoke to Tom and Matt in early 2020, this was an interesting idea. A year later, Tickr customers have proven their point, which is reflected in the extraordinary growth of the company.”

For more information on the Tickr app click HERE.

10th February 2021