by Rachael Bampton-Aiken
12th March 2020

We’ve all been there. Meticulous planning. Careful preparation. Multiple meetings and thousands of emails, you’re finally getting close to the big event and then all of a sudden everything changes. 

The decision to reschedule MIPIM Cannes 2020, due to public health concerns around Coronavirus (Covid-19) was a smart one. Better safe than sorry, but one cannot help but feel at least a little deflated when best-laid plans are thrown off course.

There are two ways to react in this situation. Become disheartened and defeated or swiftly strategise to deliver a strong, suitable alternative. Guess which option the Liverpool MIPIM team went with?

Tuesday 10 March, the day that would have been the start of MIPIM Cannes 2020, witnessed another, admittedly smaller, but no less satisfying event take place as a stopgap measure, turned around in record time.

Yesterday’s Liverpool MIPIM ‘Mini Conference’ is a small but startling example of how well Liverpool City Region works, when we work in partnership to deliver a shared goal. So more telephone calls were made. More emails were sent and a whole new programme was devised to ensure a different event was delivered for our Liverpool MIPIM delegation.


This new event was ‘mini’ in name only, taking on the biggest themes in the property and investment sector and the most ambitious ideas around Liverpool City Region’s mission to continue to grow and prosper for the good of all.

Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram and Culture Liverpool’s Head of Creative, Robin Kemp and Commercial Director, Sue Finnegan told guests all about Liverpool City Region’s ‘Good Business Festival’ a totally new take on the traditional business conference, set to both aid and champion business as a powerful force for good in the world, from 5-9 October 2020.

John Lewis, Managing Director of SOG Group shared his ‘Heath Park vision’, a futuristic, sustainable, business and residential community in Runcorn, described as one of Liverpool City Region’s ‘beacon projects’ and another example of our region’s goal to deliver developments designed with ethical investors in mind.

The CEO of Liverpool City Council, Tony Reeves revealed details about the City Council’s forthcoming ‘City Plan’ which aims to break down silos and create new partnerships, ensuring that people across the city thrive in all aspects of life, addressing big, fundamental issues including housing shortage, climate change and the need for real-life business role models.

Members from across the Liverpool MIPIM Partnership came together at the event to discuss and debate other critical issues, including the future of property development, the region’s plans for a housing revolution and new ideas to enhance skills across the UK’s property sector.

Throughout the day people were introduced, ideas were shared, contacts were exchanged and new partnerships were formed. Witnessing these things happen, with a team a people of people who collectively want nothing more than to see Liverpool City Region thrive is one of the best things about the Liverpool MIPIM Partnership.

Meetings can be big, flashy, global affairs, with thousands of international delegates from all over the world.  They can also be more modest in scale but no less important in nature. It’s the meeting of minds and the resourcefulness of spirit that makes real change happen and both these things were exemplified by the teamwork and tenacity of the Liverpool MIPIM team and our delegation of partners.

Big thanks to all the people involved in helping us pull together this event at such short notice. Here’s too many more Liverpool MIPIM events. Together we can take Liverpool City Region further than ever before.

Read more about the Liverpool MIPIM Partnership HERE.

Rachael Bampton-Aiken
Rachael Bampton-Aiken
Liverpool MIPIM Project Advisor
12th March 2020