Creative UK’s New Creative Enterprise Business Builder Grant – Applications Now Open

by Ian Hughes
2nd October 2023

Creative UK are excited to introduce their Creative Enterprise Business Builder, a grant initiative designed to support companies who work in moving image for storytelling, spanning film television, games, animation and immersive industries. With grants of up to £2,500, beneficiaries will be able to work with a consultant to build meaningful connections and create opportunities for business growth.

The grants can be used to subsidise the cost of working with an expert to support companies’ specific goals including business planning and strategy as well as offering other specialist expertise, knowledge or contacts. Examples include marketing strategy, monetisation of IP, international operation, and more . For the full list of approved support, please see Business Builder Guidelines below.

Applications for Creative Enterprise Business Builder are now open. Apply Now.

The Business Builder grants are only available to businesses based in England. If you are based in any of the devolved administrations (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), your application will be automatically declined. 

Please note that the award cannot be used to design a business plan (visually)or brand assets, pay staff, management, directors, or shareholders of the company for their contributions to the work completed as part of this grant. 

Any questions? Email our Creative UK’s Creative Enterprise team.

Applications are now open. Apply Now

Who is it for?  

The programme will support registered SMEs working in ‘moving image’ for storytelling. We will consider companies working with on screen content that tells a story in order to entertain an audience. This includes those working in film, TV, animation, games and immersive media, tech platforms with a narrative focus; and where the content is consumed on screen. Here the content’s primary aim must be for entertainment rather than advertising, education etc. Beneficiaries must:  

  • Founder working in the UK Screen sector 
  • Be a Limited Company registered on Companies House 
  • Relevant track record in the screen industry * For example trading as a company for at least 12 months, or experience bringing a product to market* 
  • Ambitions for company growth and a clear vision for your business 

How much can I apply for? 

The maximum amount available for business planning support is £2,500. This will be subject to a pre-approved budget and work-plan and not every business may need the maximum award. When you apply for the Business Builder Grant, Creative UK will ask you to submit a proposed budget and work-plan. Ideally, Creative UK would expect the planning process to take no more than 6 months and to involve the owner/CEO of the company and any other relevant senior management. If you have identified someone you would like to work with already, Creative UK encourage you to include them on your application.

Creative UK will have a list of recommended consultants available soonIf you are struggling to find a relevant consultant in the meantime, you can contact the team to discuss this. If you would like to work with an expert not featured on this list, please provide details as part of your application. At the end of this process, applicants will typically be able to demonstrate a deeper knowledge and understanding of their chosen area(s) of focus that can then be used to direct the company’s future growth and/or as a tool for pitching for investment. This is a rolling fund and therefore, there is no current deadline for applications.  

Should you have any access or communication requirements relating to our applications and guidance, then please contact the Creative UK team at or 0333 023 5240. Subsistence contributions are available to assist with the costs of travel and accessibility of the programme. Funds are limited and at the discretion of Creative UK.

If you would like to discuss any accessibility requirements prior to applying, please get in touch with Creative Enterprise Team at

 For further information click HERE.
Ian Hughes
Ian Hughes
Marketing Manager
2nd October 2023