WEBINAR EVENT – The Collective Power of City Actions

2nd November 2020

What can each city do to minimise its impact on the planet?

Date: Tuesday 3 November 2020
Time: 12.20-12.50

Stephen Cowperthwaite Principal and Managing Director, Avison Young Liverpool Chair of MIPIM Steering Group

How cities plan and deliver local initiatives and what is the environmental and global impact. This could be pedestrianisation, repurposing of space, creating more green public space within urban heartlands or launching projects that ultimately affect the increasing health of the city itself and the people in it. When cities act individually, they can solve their own problems; when they act together, the hope is that they can help address global problems.


Stephen Cowperthwaite, Principal & Managing Director – Liverpool, Avison Young
Steve Turner, Director for Devolved Authorities, Connected Places Catapult
Patricia Brown, Director, Central
Amanda Reynolds, Director, AR Urbanism
Samantha McClary, Editor, EG (Chair)



2nd November 2020