14th July 2020

As UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson directs the nation’s developers to “build build build” and the country emerges from lockdown, we examined what the new way of living and being may look like, post Covid-19.

Will new working from home practices carry on once lockdown has dissipated or will home working simply become a past novelty?

Will people need to live quite as close to existing urban conurbations in the same way or will home working change where we build new homes in the future?

This forward-thinking webinar explored all these things, featuring a selection of our region’s most advanced private sector property representatives and Liverpool City Council Chief Executive will reveal his thoughts and plans for what the future holds for future living in Liverpool City Region.


Moderator: Melanie Leech, Chief Executive, BPF

Highly regarded across the UK property sector, Melanie Leech moderated this webinar, investigating:

  • How people are changing the way they use their homes
  • The impact of working from home on the sector and the predicted rise in home workers
  • What sustainable living really means right now
  • How we can build communities, not just houses

Each speaker outlined their approach and viewpoints and what they feel the future will hold for Liverpool City Region’s property sector.

This webinar is part of a series of Liverpool MIPIM webinars. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates. You can see and read about our previous webinar ‘Partnership, Investment & The Ripple Effect’ HERE.

14th July 2020