vTime Launches the First Cross-World 3D Avatar Messaging App, vTag

28th July 2020

vTime, a global leader in virtual communications and immersive multi-user experiences, today launches vTag – the first cross-world 3D avatar messaging app.

The First Cross Word 3D Avatar Messaging App

Now available in the UK on iOS, vTag uses cutting-edge AR technology to enable users to create, share, and discover unique 3D avatar moments that live in the real world.

vTag is the first app to combine highly customisable, face-tracked, body-tracked, full-body AR avatars with geo-messaging. The app empowers users to create and style bespoke avatars, then bring their creations to life using their voice, expressions, and body movements in a sharable 3D moment. vTags can be sent directly, pinned to real-world locations for friends to discover when nearby, or recorded to level-up content for social platforms.

While avatar apps and animated emojis have grown in popularity, their use cases for consumers are often limited. vTag’s feature set allows users to take AR self-expression to the next level and offers a new way to connect with friends through geo-tagged messages. Targeted at Gen Z, the free app features in-app currency that can be used to purchase premium customisation options.

vTime Managing Director Clemens Wangerin said:

“vTag is the next step on vTime’s journey to connect people using alternate realities. Where vTime XR made it possible to hang out with friends from wherever they are, vTag brings your hyper-personal virtual moments into the real world and uses geo-tagging technology to offer a first glimpse at a personalised AR cloud. While calls and texts allow you to stay connected, vTag makes it possible to send more than a message – you’re sending a 3D moment. vTag offers a new form of highly-personalised self-expression that can be used to stay in touch, create content, and engage with the people who matter.”

Currently working with several top-tier companies, vTime plans to expand the app with content from brands and artists, and into new territories and platforms as the year progresses.

About vTime

Founded in 2013, vTime is a leading AR and VR engagement company, developing immersive communication experiences across new realities. Its flagship product vTime XR, a cross-platform sociable network that allows anyone, anywhere to socialize in AR and VR, is used in 190 countries with more than a million downloads since 2015. vTime secured Series A funding of $7.6 million in 2018. www.vtime.net

28th July 2020