U.S Ambassador: Port of Liverpool in ‘great position’ for US trade deal

13th February 2020

The United States ambassador has told the Port of Liverpool it is “perfectly positioned” for a post-Brexit trade deal.

Pictured middle: The US ambassador said President Trump was “committed” to striking a “broad, comprehensive” agreement with the UK

In his first visit post-Brexit, Robert Johnson toured the dock facility and discussed how the US could work with UK transatlantic companies.

The visit followed a government launch to source “free port” locations.

Mr Johnson also dismissed fears of food standards being compromised, and said “we all want the best”.

As a west-facing port, Liverpool stood to benefit from delivering US goods, he said.

“The infrastructure is here is to get goods all around the country – I think it is perfectly positioned.”

Since the ambassador came into office in 2017, he has made several visits to strengthen relationships across the UK, including Grimsby, Dover and Belfast.

Operator Peel Ports has invested £400m into the construction of Liverpool2, which currently stands as the UK’s largest transatlantic dock facility. Peel Port’s chief executive Mark Whitworth said:

“Attention has inevitably turned west and we are ready to play our part in ensuring a positive future.”

When asked about environment and food concerns amid a deal, the ambassador said the US wanted “what is best for our kids”.

“I think we have scientifically-based appraisals of what each of us are doing”, he added.

“We will come up with something that works for both of us.”

Mr Johnson also announced that the US President, Donald Trump was “committed” to striking a “broad, comprehensive” agreement.

On Tuesday, the government confirmed the controversial HS2 high-speed rail line will be built from London to Manchester via Birmingham.

Although Liverpool is not part of the rail link, the city council hopes HS2 will free up freight connections for shipping goods across the country.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said:

“HS2 will be of huge benefit to rebalancing freight traffic across the country but its full potential will only be truly realised when the north is also better connected too.”

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13th February 2020