The Women’s Organisation launches free training courses for Liverpool City Region residents

16th February 2021

The Women’s Organisation has launched a new series of fully funded, accredited training courses, open to men and women living within the Liverpool City Region.

Online training offered by Liverpool’s ‘The Women’s Organisation’

Funded by The European Social Fund, the level 2 and 3 training courses, such as Digital Marketing, Stepping into Management, Resilience, and Presenting Online, are accredited meaning participants will gain a recognised qualification upon completion.

Following a tremendously difficult year, which has left many unemployed, furloughed, and uncertain about their next steps, applications are now open for range of courses which help to address a range of personal and professional development needs.

The Women’s Organisation’s Training & Accreditation manager, Susan Hughes said: “The new series of funded courses is beginning at a time when many people are without work and unsure of their next steps due to the effects of the pandemic.

For those looking to update their skills or refresh their CV, the digital skills sessions are perfect for building confidence, whether that be for job interviews, presentations or simply staying in contact with family online.

“As well as addressing where we work, courses such as Resilience and Unconscious Bias help us to look at how we work and what systems we can put in place to adapt to change. There is something for everyone.”

Residents living with the Liverpool City region can study the following course titles:

Digital Marketing
Across three sessions, this course will equip you with everything you need to run a successful digital marketing campaign with an aim to raise awareness, promote a service pr raise funds. Level 3 accredited.

This course is packed full of useful information and practical strategies. The three online sessions will give you the opportunity to reflect on how you are coping and help point you back in the right direction to move forward with confidence. Level 2 accredited.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams
Learning new systems while working from home can be daunting. This single session will enable you to navigate Teams with confidence. Learn how to set up a team, make a rota, plan and allocate tasks, share documents and host a meeting.

Stepping into Management
Are you taking your first step into managing others? This three-session course will help you identify your strengths and skills and will highlight the common do’s and don’ts of leadership and management. Level 2

Presenting Online (Zoom)
We’re living in the digital age and this three-session course is a Zoom masterclass. Discover everything you need to know, from setting up and promoting online events to expert delivery tips, keeping your viewers engaged, screen sharing and more. Level 3 accredited.

Unconscious Bias
Over three sessions, this course focuses on where unconscious bias comes from and how it shapes the world around us. Participants are invited reflect on personal biases and learn about ways to challenge and change the way they think. Level 2 accredited.

Suicide Awareness
This single session course looks at the issues surrounding suicide, with a focus on local data and support. Learn how to support a colleague, client, or friend. Know how to ask the right questions and address emergency procedures. This course will help participants look after themselves and to look out for others.

Courses are delivered online through Zoom with start dates scheduled between March and July 2021. Women and men, aged 18+, both employed or unemployed, and not currently enrolled on an ESIF funded training course, are eligible to apply.

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16th February 2021