by Ian Hughes
24th June 2020

Northern Power Women is more than just a network. It’s a movement that has now outgrown its initial boundaries, with a reach that extends far beyond the UK’s North and a 60,000 strong membership that is open to anyone seeking business growth and new opportunities.

Following a fortuitous exchange on social media, I recently got the opportunity to speak to Northern Power Women (NPW) founder, Simone Roche MBE and founding member, Alexandra Cousins, the Business Development Director at Capita.  Although I was broadly aware of the network, I was still surprised at all the things the network has achieved and the numerous ways it works to support businesses across the Liverpool City Region and beyond.

In short, if Northern Power Women are not already on your radar, they certainly should be. Here we’ll introduce you to some of their recent successful initiatives and how you can get involved with them. If you’re looking for a friendly, supportive – and above all – effective network to help you and your business, look no further. NPW are unstoppable and they are determined to help you achieve your business goals  



Initially a collaborative campaign, set up to accelerate gender diversity in the North of England, in a little over five years, NPW has built up a significant and engaged network, across all sectors and demographics, at all levels of industry. 

Offering a rolodex busting wealth of connextions, that expands exponentially and brings together an entire community of experiences and voices; Each passionately invested in working together to grow Northern,  and even international business. 

The network is free to join, with no commitment and it’s scale makes it as useful to start-ups and sole traders as it is to CEOs and MDs. Joining is easy, simply sign-up for their newsletter on the website, to stay in touch, and access any of their services from the site or the links below. 

Visit to sign-up.



Shortlisted for the 2019 British Podcast Awards and hosted by Simone Roche MBE and award-winning, former BBC broadcaster, Sam Walker, NPW’s weekly podcast is a lively, open forum to discuss and debate all things business, with inspiring speakers from all walks of life, including international names like global entrepreneur, Lara Morgan, Cherie Blair, local business heroes, including Baroness Helen Newlove, Maggie O’Carroll and contributions from a diverse array of sponsors such as United Utilities, Liverpool Football Club, Cooperative Bank and EY, KPMG and Manchester Airports Group.  

If you’re a fan of no-holds-barred discussion on the week’s events, debates from different perspectives, life-lessons from interesting individuals and engaging conversations on the challenges and triumphs of today’s business world, this podcast is simply a must. 

Watch the video below for more information and subscribe to the podcast HERE.



NPW have also recently launched a new presence on the skill sharing and networking service ‘Power Platform’ effectively linking people to the skills, services and supportive individuals who can help their business achieve its goals. Power Platform is designed to help people learn skills, share expertise, aid new connections and enable successful mentoring. Where Linkedin can feel a bit overwhelming and impersonal, Power Platform is focussed on developing meaningful connections that build genuine networks, not simply high numbers or connections. 

Discover more about Power Platform HERE.


Northern Power Women mentor future entrepreneurs


One of the most exciting things about NPW is that it isn’t just a large group of ambitious business women, busilly networking to grow their own business. It’s much more inclusive and supportive than that. At its core NPW is about people who actively want to help other people succeed in business and a key way that the network achieves this is through it’s popular mentoring service.

Bursting with talented, credible and generous business women (and a fair few men) who are happy to share their time, skills, advice, support and influence to help others on their business journey. With a network of this size, there’s far too many NPW mentors to name here, but take a look at a selection of role models and their achievements on the NPW website via the link below. I guarantee that there’s many who would happily help you and your business in ways you may never have imagined. 

View a selection of NPW mentors and role models HERE.



In the last year alone, NPW have built amazing, collaborative partnerships with the likes of EY, Co-operative Bank, United Utilities, Natwest and Liverpool FC, working with the BBC on their 50:50 equality project, to help create international journalism and media content that fairly represents our world.  Last year, founder Simone Roche MBE personally visited Number 10 Downing Street in 2019 to discuss gender equality with the PM’s advisors. 

NPW’s partnership work with companies big and small has been mutually beneficial for all involved and continues to create opportunities for businesses across the North of the UK and beyond. Like any ambitious network, NPW are always on the look-out for new partnerships and future sponsors of their podcast. If you or your business would like to get involved with the podcast you can contact the network HERE, and I’m certain they’d love to hear from you.


The Northern Power Women Awards – Now in their fifth year.


Perhaps the most well known initiative of NPW is their annual awards, recognising and celebrating the achievements of business women across the UK’s North. Now in its fifth year, the 2020 Northern Power Women Awards Shortlist has just been released and  features scores of fantastic role models across numerous industries. 

With categories including; ‘Agent of Change’ ‘One to Watch’ ‘Person with Purpose’ ‘Innovation’ ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur’ ‘Mentor of the Year’ ‘Transformational Leader’ and outstanding small, medium and large organisations, the awards recognise what’s important to NPW and the values that their network upholds, sharing and supporting each other’s success to inspire a new generation.

Take a look at this year’s shortlist HERE.



Like a lot of successful businesses, the NPW network has been quietly going about their business, for the last five years, perhaps not taking enough time to share their own successes beyond the network or celebrate their achievements as much as they should. (Something I’m sure a lot of businesses can relate to). 

The network’s ambition is stronger than ever.  NPW is  developing it’s member’s skills and confidence. It’s educating people about the importance of tackling inequality and fighting for inclusion in the world and how this can benefit everyone. It’s delivering knowledge and changing perceptions, through education and collaboration and it’s creating powerful partnerships to influence policy and propel Northern UK business forward. 

With a network that’s grown from Liverpool City Region, to the wider North West, the rest of the UK and even now has member’s as far afield as Australia, Northern Power Women is going from  strength to strength and provides a fantastic example of what can be achieved when business ambition, collaboration and a strong sense of business community collide. 

Visit and sign-up today.

Ian Hughes
Ian Hughes
Marketing Manager
24th June 2020