13th August 2020

A masterplan designed to steer Liverpool towards being the “most exciting city in the UK” looks set to advance.

For about a year, 11 chief executives from across the area have worked with the Chamber of Commerce and the CVS network as Team Liverpool to develop The City Plan.

Those involved have engaged with residents, politicians and partnerships to draw up proposals.

The framework is geared towards making Liverpool a “thriving, sustainable and fair city for everyone”.

It has been put together around six main points of interest, those being:

  • A healthier and fairer Liverpool
  • People being educated to succeed
  • Safe and thriving neighbourhoods
  • A strong and inclusive economy
  • A low carbon, connected and accessible city
  • Making Liverpool the most exciting city in the UK

“The City Plan provides a framework for working together with government, bringing together the partners, the leadership and expertise, the scale, the determination and the openness to deliver a unique transformation of outcomes for our residents,” said a report to the council’s Cabinet ahead of its meeting on 14 August.

“We believe such an approach is capable of facilitating reform of local infrastructure to improve productivity and avoid and prevent unnecessary demand, which is a symptom of top down silo working.”

A draft version of the report is now set to go before Cabinet, with members having been advised to approve and adopt it.

Approval is also set to be granted to produce a city council action plan, setting out how the authority will implement the proposals.

13th August 2020