16th August 2018

Firesprite Games has signed a major deal with computer giant Sony.

The Liverpool based games developer has signed an exclusive license and distribution agreement with the global giant.

The deal ~will see Sony take exclusive ownership over the license and global distribution of The Persistence on PlayStation VR (PSVR), described as ‘A brutal VR sci-fi-stealth, horror, roguelike featuring dozens of upgradable gear & weapons that may just be enough to keep you alive long enough to survive…”

Watch the game’s epic trailer by clicking the graphic below.

The game has already received rave reviews from across the gaming community.

Firesprite has previously worked with some of the games industry’s biggest names including Sony PlayStation’s Japan Studio.

Graeme Ankers, CEO at Firesprite, said: “Whilst we are very much an established AAA games developer, because of the confidential nature of the work that we do, we’ve never really shouted too much about ourselves before, our work has generally been in the background, like collaborating with Japan Studio on new hardware projects.

“We’ve delivered a lot of incredible projects, but The Persistence is really the first time we are talking about our work because it’s our own Intellectual Property.

“It’s been a labour of love that we’ve worked on for three years and we feel that we’re ready to really talk about that now for the first time.

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16th August 2018