8th September 2021

A Liverpool company has created a virtual reality Covid-19 training laboratory.

Professor Frank Joseph alongside people using VR

Coronavirus testing solutions company DAM Health, which is based in Mossley Hill but has expanded with clinics across the UK, Europe and Mexico,  teamed up with technology educators Credersi to create a new course to train lab technicians.

The syllabus is set to launch in October and aims to increase the number of lab technicians being trained to meet a mass skills shortage and crisis.

The training course, which will take place via a virtual and augmented reality platform will last for eight weeks. It will include components of science, data science and data analytical programming, to train students to extrapolate results from their work.

It will also have a physical PCR machine, which will be used to model and render into a 3D virtual lab. This will allow the lab technicians and students to see an animated sequence of how to conduct a PCR test. The course can be accessed by students from anywhere in the world.

There are plans to take the 3D virtual lab into schools and colleges as part of a wider programme to encourage children and young people to study STEM subjects, by using technology they can relate to.

Professor Frank Joseph, who launched the coronavirus testing and prevention company in 2020, said:

“We’re incredibly proud to have teamed up with Credersi on what is set to be a really exciting project. The course and augmented reality we have developed will help to train the lab technicians of tomorrow and lead the fight against Covid-19 and any other virus or disease we may incur.”

Andy Lord, chief executive and co-founder of Credersi, added: “This is a really exciting project for us to team up with DAM Health and we are incredibly grateful for their support and patronage.

“The addition of the 3D modelling to develop a course that has elements uniquely focusing on Covid-19 and PCR is a real game changer. ”


8th September 2021