17th November 2020



A place’s culture is now phenomenally important when it comes to securing highly-coveted global investment.

Fifteen years ago the equity in a places perception as a leisure and lifestyle destination was further down on the agenda but today it is one of the top three factors that investors seek out, easily making a critical difference when it comes to the final decision.

Liverpool City Region’s astonishing renaissance over the past fifteen years has been powered by culture, often referred to as ‘the rocket-fuel’ of our economic development and certainly a highly-effective catalyst for growth across many sectors.

Our growing global perception as brilliant city of culture, creativity and innovation has led to our region rising up the ranks for potential investors, giving Liverpool City Region a distinct and memorable advantage over many competitors.

Alongside our strong cultural reputation, Liverpool City Region is also a world-leading destination for health and life sciences and digital innovation, further bolstering our unique, supportive and advanced business ecosystem – which in itself creates a dynamic culture of innovation and collaboration.

With all this in mind, where do we currently sit within these investment rankings internationally and how can we best utilise our significant assets to achieve greater levels of future investment? How is Liverpool City Region’s investment story being communicated and how can we remind London and Europe that we are an exciting and essential investment location, deserving of a top-tier place?

This powerful and passionate Liverpool MIPIM panel united several high-ranking and highly-regarded Liverpool City Region leaders and decision-makers across investment, life sciences and culture.

This free virtual event hosted a frank and open discussion which investigated where Liverpool City Region sits within these national and international investment rankings and how we can best strategise to ensure we climb further and further up the scale, in a post-pandemic world and capture the opportunities that this may present.

Introduction: Stephen Cowperthwaite, Chair MIPIM Steering Group

Steve Rotheram, Metro Mayor, Liverpool City Region

Colin Sinclair, Chief Executive, Sciontec

Jennifer Lee, Head of KPMG, Liverpool

Claire McColgan, Director, Culture Liverpool, Liverpool City Council

Moderator: Alex Irwin-Hunt, Global Markets Director, FDI