Liverpool City Region based Bosch Service Solutions wins Technology Leadership Award

25th March 2019

Presenting the Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award (from left to right): Andrea Werr (Manager Operation Management), John Milburn (site manager Liverpool), Irfan Ali (Head of Robotic Process Automation).

Well-known consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan has honored Liverpool City Region based Bosch Service Solutions with the Technology Leadership Award for its exemplary best practices customer management BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in Europe.

Bosch was presented with the award at a ceremony held in the Royal Garden Hotel, London on Wednesday night. Frost & Sullivan praised the use of the company’s innovative Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in global automation.

These are not only implemented at Bosch Service Solutions, but also form part of the company’s strategy. As the Bosch division is optimizing its complex processes, there will be positive knock-on effects for customers such as increasing employee satisfaction. Two of Frost & Sullivan’s evaluation criteria for the award were the extent to which the technology is used and the impact it has on the company’s success. Analyst Stephen Loynd of Frost & Sullivan noted that:

“Bosch Service Solutions offers its customers concepts and methods that aim to improve the entire service chain, where automation is a key part of the solution. And instead of implementing these steps individually, Bosch integrates them on an end-to-end basis. The result is a set of cohesive solutions.”

In addition, Irfan Ali, Head of Robotic Process Automation at Bosch Service Solutions, commented on receiving the award:

“We are thrilled to have won this prestigious award. We always consider automation with a view to the overall result. We take into account the goals and process value streams. Based on this, we redesign and revise the processes and create a comprehensive automation solution.”


Bosh Service solutions believe that the Technology Leadership award is a testament to ther forward-looking and holistic approach in implementing automation steps in customer service and business processes. Bosch does not see automation as a threat to the business, but rather as the key to future competitiveness, stating that ‘the goal of automation is to create an ideal combination of human resources and technology. The aim is to enhance the customer experience, increase employee satisfaction, and help foster new business models.

Bosch Services Solutions also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications such as pattern recognition and machine learning. These enable customer concerns to be identified during an interaction with the customer advisor, and can also be used to supply associates with unsolicited information relating to a consultation. In turn, this allows the associate to focus on the customer and to address his or her concerns in an empathic way. This leads to greater satisfaction on both sides.

Technology leaders are companies that promote the development and successful introduction of high-tech solutions for key problems within the sector, thus actively shaping the future of the industry. The independent analysts at Frost & Sullivan evaluated candidates’ solutions and took account of technological influences, as well as business impact. Criteria included commitment to innovation and creativity as well as operational efficiency customer acquisition and potential for growth. Other important criteria included the impact on associates and customers.



25th March 2019