by Ian Hughes
20th November 2019

You know all those little boring jobs you hate? The tedious ones, the time-consuming ones, the ones that prevent you from doing more creative or productive things?

The technology being pioneered by the advanced manufacturing sector could likely take care of all of them for you.

It could also make your life run a lot more smoothly. It could even mean that, eventually, you don’t have to work altogether. We’re betting industry 4.0 just became a lot more exciting?

Digital Manufacturing Week and its Smart Factory Expo open your eyes to a whole new world. These events bring together the most advanced UK manufacturers to showcase their innovations and share expertise.

The best part is that Liverpool City Region is on the frontline of this forward-looking work. We’re spearheading supercomputing, revolutionising robotics; making next phase VR a reality, expanding the use of IoT, Big Data and Big Science and activating the deployment on new sensor tech, all over the world.

These solutions were presented and celebrated throughout Smart Factory Expo, from 13-14 November 2019, at the LCR4.0 Solutions Theatre, hosted by Invest Liverpool and designed by Marketing Liverpool and we’ve never been more proud of the talent and ingenuity our city region offers.




The Liverpool City Region Solutions Theatre featured a series of twelve, 45-minute sessions, highlighting a cross-section of businesses, across the region’s Industry 4.0 sector, that are making great strides in their respective field.

Sensor City informed delegates about their collaborative community and how it’s turning around the prototyping process, faster than ever before.

Sci-Tech Daresbury shared how their international science and innovation campus brings together and supports more than 100 tech companies, to create a dynamic network, quite unlike any other.

Made Smarter, a new pilot initiative founded in Liverpool City Region, revealed how their service – which provides businesses with fully-funded advice from specialist technology experts – helps businesses identify the  right digital tools for them.

STFC Hartree Centre – home to some of the most advanced computing, data and AI technologies in the UK – explained how they are transforming industry through high-performance computing, by helping SMEs access Industry 4.0 technology.

CNC Robotics founder, Jason Barker shared his remarkable story, telling audiences how a basic need in his theatre set design company led to the creation of a new robotics company, that’s providing even the smallest of businesses with robotic solutions.

Brainboxes, a Liverpool City Region based designer and manufacturer of data and connectivity products, provided a series of illuminating case studies, covering everything from next-phase central heating to smart cities and global satellites. (And all this was just on day one!)




Now with all these super-smart, sharp and sophisticated thinkers around, Invest Liverpool needed a suitably swish-looking exhibition area to stand-out and attract delegates. Step forward Marketing Liverpool. Known for their slick-looking exhibitions at other major events, including MIPIM UK & Cannes, Confex and The Meeting Show, Marketing Liverpool produced this year’s Liverpool City Region exhibition display and solutions theatre, with typically fantastic results.



Head honchos and leading reps from all the organisations listed above joined key members of the Invest Liverpool team during the event, to connect with delegates and collectively help promote the Liverpool City Region as one of the UK’s most desirable places to start or grow a business; instantly exemplifying one of the greatest reasons to invest here – the incredible, collaborative spirit and specialist support network our region has.  Read more about our programme and speakers HERE.



Marketing Liverpool also developed a digital marketing campaign to promote Liverpool City Region’s presence at Smart Factory Expo, generating awareness of the event and helping to attract delegates to the LCR4.0 Solutions Theatre and Invest Liverpool exhibition.

The city’s official destination marketing agency also created an animated film on Liverpool City Region’s advanced manufacturing and engineering sector, which you can watch below and a selection of printed and digital materials, so that delegates could take further information away with them or be sent a download link on the same day.




The term ‘manufacturing’ doesn’t always bring to mind the greatest connotations, recalling cardboard boxes, conveyor belts, monotonous, repetitive motions and generic, mass-produced goods. But events like Digital Manufacturing Week totally dispel this dated misconception and they really get your mind working.

Wouldn’t it be great if robotics could lighten the load in your daily life? Wouldn’t it be great if you too could get specialist advice on the right digital tech for your business or sector? Wouldn’t it be great if the true capacity of your business or sector (or even yourself) could be unleashed through Industry 4.0 technology?

Liverpool City Region is making previously impossible things happen every day and Digital Manufacturing Week’s Smart Factory Expo blew us away this year. The event is taking new digital tech direct to the workshop floor, helping it reach whole new levels and new industries, changing lives and brightening the future for all of us. Exciting times indeed.







We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners and speakers at this year’s event: Dr Joanne Phoenix, Interim, Executive Director, Sensor City. John Leake, Business Development Manager, Sci-Tech Daresbury. Luke Walsh MENG, MD, Brainboxes Ltd. Ravi Gidoomal, Finance Director, Edge Digital Manufacturing. Shay O’Carroll, Director, Imagin3D. Andrew McClusky, Managing Director, BEP Surface Technologies. Simeon Clow, Business Development Manager, STFC Hartree Centre. Jason Barker, Founder, CNC Robotics. Ruth Hailwood, Organisational and Workforce Development Specialist Adviser, Made Smarter. Simon Reid, Head of Advanced Manufacturing, Growth Platform. Alastair Buchanan, Managing Director, Cadscan. Amr Sufian, Industry 4.0 Project Engineer, Beverston Engineering. Dr Angela Walsh, Business Development Manager, STFC Hartree Centre. Dale King, Senior Manager, Emerging Technologies & Concepts, Airbus. Daniel Watson, Head of Engineering, Sensor City. Luke Vanstone, Science and Technology Facilities Council) Marketing Liverpool and Liverpool City Region’s Growth Platform team.


Ian Hughes
Ian Hughes
Marketing Manager
20th November 2019