International logistics firm switches to Port of Liverpool

19th May 2020

Global logistics firm Edge Worldwide is switching logistics from southern UK ports to the Port of Liverpool to speed up their operations.

Port of Liverpool owner Peel Ports has secured an agreement with Salford-based Edge which transports freight and consumer goods from major ports across the world on behalf of a number of UK-based wholesale and retail clients.

Edge says it has experienced increased lead times, longer queues and restricted driver availability for onward freight at southern English ports. Long road journeys to Northern distribution centres has meant even further delay for goods arriving onshore to reach their final destination.

The company says that, with high volatile demand, reliable routes to market are critical and with increased uncertainty surrounding the future of logistics and the overall supply chain, it is vital that businesses have access to a well-connected Port.

It added the Port of Liverpool had been a viable alternative even before the COVID-19 crisis, but said a growing number of businesses are understanding that it makes commercial and viable sense to ship products close to destination.

The Port of Liverpool’s lead times have never been more efficient and with average truck turnaround times now consistently below 40 minutes. Efficient lead times and the added benefit of shortening the land journey to end destination, means that the customer goods reached shelves quicker providing relief for stores under consumer pressure.

Andy Raglan, managing director from Edge Worldwide, said: “Liverpool has been a growing opportunity for a number of our customers even before the pandemic, highlighting it as a viable alternative to Southern Ports.

“With the blank sailings impacting the supply chain in the south, we are seeing more and more customers requesting to use Liverpool instead. During this time Liverpool has continued to impress with its collaborative approach to business and the operational efficiency provided by the new deep sea terminal.”

Edge Worldwide’s experience offers a vote of confidence that shipping to the north of England is a competitive route to international markets and the Port of Liverpool provides a very real solution to time-critical cargo from across the world.

David Huck, managing director at Peel Ports, added: “At difficult times like these, retailers want to know that their supply chains are able to cope with increased demand and we can prove that the Port of Liverpool is ready to meet their needs.

“Our improved lead times also mark a further shift away from southern ports, with problems only expected to worsen, COVID-19 shows no immediate sign of easing and delays are getting longer. We’re pleased that we can offer relief and efficiency to retailers under pressure.”

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19th May 2020