Avalanche Studios Group to open new location in Liverpool

4th June 2020

International open world games development company, Avalanche Studios Group, has announced that it will open a new location in Liverpool City Region.

A core team of 5 developers starts in June, while the recruitment for an additional 20 positions starts immediately. Within the next two years, the location is expected to grow to over 50.

Liverpool will be the company’s fourth location following Stockholm, New York City and Malmö. It will initially collaborate with the other locations on the development of current and future IPs from Expansive Worlds, a creative division of Avalanche Studios Group, responsible for the successful theHunter franchise. Pim Holfve, CEO of Avalanche Studios Group. said:

“I’m excited about Avalanche Studios Group becoming a part of Liverpool’s thriving game development scene and how we can contribute to it in terms of our unique games and culture. The Liverpool location will play an important role in our sustainable growth strategy to recruit over 100 people in 2020.”

Following the UK Government’s Guidance for employers and businesses on COVID-19, all employees in Liverpool will initially join and work remotely until a physical office can be established. Pim Holfve continued:

“Our employees health and safety’ is our top priority, says  We are working hard to create a sustainable way for all our employees to work from home and maintain a sound work-life balance during these difficult times.”

With over 17 years of experience, a strong portfolio of games and focus on a sustainable and inclusive work culture, Avalanche Studios Group aims to fill a unique position in Liverpool. View all job openings ​here.

4th June 2020