Arete Zero Carbon partners with global brands to tackle the net zero carbon challenge

by Ian Hughes
15th August 2022

One year after its launch, Arete Zero Carbon has grown considerably and is now working with global multinational brands and SMEs across various sectors, including KFC, Tech Data, Hill Dickinson and Victorian Plumbing in the development of net zero carbon plans.

Dr Stephen Finnegan - Arete Zero Carbon

Dr Stephen Finnegan – Arete Zero Carbon. Credit:


The business, which was established last year by Liverpool based multi-family investment firm, Arete Capital Partners, is led by Dr Stephen Finnegan and was formed in response to UK government legislation that now requires all UK businesses to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Stephen, who has 25+ years of experience in developing low and zero carbon strategies for numerous public and private sector businesses, is one of the UK’s most experienced strategists in the field and has been instrumental in Arete Zero Carbon’s growth.


As well as generating a roster of high-profile clients, Arete Zero Carbon has a constantly growing team, all of whom have been recruited through local universities and colleges, leveraging Stephen’s connections within the University of Liverpool where he acts as an associate professor and director of the Zero Carbon Research Initiative, which he founded in 2020.


Arete Zero Carbon’s unique approach critically assesses a business’ entire value chain operations, to build a bespoke, actionable net zero carbon roadmap to help lower emissions at what is a critical time for the world’s fight against climate change.


Commenting on the firm’s success, Dr Stephen Finnegan said:

“For many businesses, a review of the carbon impact of their value chains was always thought of as an additional consideration that had little direct impact. Fast forward to today, and it is absolutely essential that all companies make these assessments as it not only affects their balance sheet, but is also required to meet government requirements and helps to reduce the companies’ impact on the environment.


“Since we launched, we’ve experienced an increasing number of prominent brands come to us for our expertise, so that they are armed with the tools and knowledge they need to make suitable changes to their operations. By setting a net zero carbon target, as well as the obvious cost and emissions savings, it also increases a business’s ability to drive innovation, win new work and create a competitive advantage, whilst also enhancing its credibility and reputation – a win-win all round.”

With further growth, new client appointments and partnerships on the horizon, Arete Zero Carbon expects to expand its team further and help more UK businesses to reduce their carbon impact.


For more information on Arete Zero Carbon website HERE.

Ian Hughes
Ian Hughes
Marketing Manager
15th August 2022