26th June 2019

Work on Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter’s new £20m advanced medical diagnostics centre commenced in January and will offer the very latest imaging technology thanks to a deal with global electronics giant Royal Philips.

The newly announced collaboration will utilise Philips innovative radiology technology and Rutherford Diagnostics’ healthcare expertise to deliver and operate advanced personalised diagnostic services through a network of community diagnostic centres, driving the best possible healthcare outcomes for patients.

The agreement has a term of 10-years and the two organisations will work in partnership to deliver advanced diagnostics services, through five new diagnostics centers across the UK. Under the terms of the agreement, which is built around a Managed Technology Service, Philips will deliver: state-of-the-art imaging equipment provision; management and technology utilisation reporting; continuous training; and a research and innovation program.

The Rutherford Diagnostics medical diagnostics centre will be opened in Paddington Village

“For Philips, a successful managed service uses technology as an enabler to drive improved clinical practices and patient outcomes through innovation and sustainability,” said Stephen McMillan, Solutions Lead for Philips in the UK. “We believe this partnership with Rutherford Diagnostics is an opportunity to deliver a truly patient-centric diagnostic service with high levels of staff satisfaction. Philips already has a number of innovative managed service agreements with NHS partners here in the UK, so this is an exciting expansion of this service for us, as we partner with our first private provider.”

Philips and Rutherford Diagnostics will help expand access to diagnostic services for local patients in a cost-effective way that supports the best possible patient outcomes and experiences.

“Our focus is to change the current healthcare paradigm from a reactive model which responds to disease, to one that is proactive and preventative with far reaching long-term benefits,” said Dr Steven Powell, Chief Executive Officer of Rutherford Diagnostics. “We required a strategic partner who will complement our diagnostic service offering with technological innovation. Philips is closely aligned to our vision and can manage complexity while remaining flexible and is the right partner to support us on this journey.”

The Rutherford Diagnostics medical diagnostics centre CGI

The first three community diagnostic centers are due to go live in 2020, with the remaining two in 2021. The first site is expected to welcome patients in Liverpool in 2020.

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