MTC Liverpool is a new technology facility which was opened in September 2019 by the Coventry-based Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC). It will support manufacturing growth and innovation within the region.

The MTC’s Liverpool team is working on a wide range of projects that will allow businesses to test processes in a de-risked environment. Among other areas, it will specialise in measuring human physical and emotional responses and behaviour when working with technology and advanced manufacturing processes.

“We are looking forward to continuing our work with Liverpool John Moores, as well as working with the University of Liverpool and other regional stakeholders to help manufacturers in the North West region stay competitive, improve product development and processes, and benefit from new technologies, taking academic research and translating it into innovative manufacturing solutions for industry.”
Dr Charlie Whitford
Associate Director for Strategic Development, MTC

The state-of-the-art facility supports manufacturing growth and innovation within the region. The MTC, part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, supported by Innovate UK, was established to prove innovative manufacturing processes and technologies in an agile environment in partnership with industry, academia, and other institutions.

Housing some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the world, and with facilities in Coventry and the Liverpool City Region, the MTC provides a high quality environment for the development and demonstration of new technologies on an industrial scale, supporting skills, productivity and growth across the UK manufacturing industry.

The Digital Manufacturing Accelerator has launched

MTC has launched a new initiative in partnership with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, the Digital Manufacturing Accelerator (DMA). Embarking on a ten-year mission, the £15 million funded programme aims to accelerate the implementation of innovative physical and digital manufacturing technologies into UK manufacturing and supply chains.

The DMA project brings together world-leading manufacturing research and technology experts to build a state-of-the-art reconfigurable factory with digital and physical test beds, to support manufacturing businesses and provide new engineering jobs and apprenticeships.

The facility will utilise cutting-edge equipment, software, and expertise to support organisations with the research and development of their products, manufacturing processes and technology.

Manufacturing and supply chain companies, RTOs and academics are invited to be a part of the programme to provide requirements and use cases with the opportunity to shape the project scope or to become a potential solution provider for the Digital Manufacturing

Accelerator ecosystem. To get involved with the project, please click here. Or contact us by emailing dma@the-mtc.org

Digital Manufacturing Accelerator - Advancing Global Manufacturing

Liverpool City Region to pioneer modern methods of construction in economic recovery

MTC Liverpool and the Liverpool City Region (LCR) have launched the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) programme which could make the city region a national centre of excellence for modern methods of construction for housing and related infrastructure. It will develop cutting edge technology to retrofit existing homes and build new homes with new, state-of-the-art, methods of construction.

  • MTC - Advanced robotics in motion

The programme is being developed in collaboration with the Construction Innovation Hub, Peel Land and Property, Torus Group, Housing Associations, and industry partners. MMC will aim to retrofit 10,000 homes over the next ten years, bringing them up to at least the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) “C” rating for energy efficiency, as part of a post-COVID recovery stimulus package, whilst developing and upskilling the workforce by applying new methods and systems of refurbishments and construction.

The programme launch marked the beginning of the first phase of the LCR National Centre of Excellence in Modern Methods of Construction for Homes project, one of the key projects in the city region’s £9 billion ‘Building Back Better’ economic recovery plan, launched in August 2020.

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MTC Liverpool takes delivery of Spot®

Spot® the robotic dog, developed by Boston Dynamics, the global leader in mobile robotics, arrived in Liverpool City Region on an ‘open-access’ basis for an initial 12-month period, Spot is a crucial element of a project that aims to help businesses across the UK, to investigate how they can increase efficiencies and greatly reduce human risk in dangerous working environments.

MTC experts will work with businesses to adapt and integrate Spot’s technologies to apply automation in dynamic and testing environments. MTC Liverpool is one of the only organisations in the world to make the robot available to any organisation from any sector. To get involved with the project and bring Spot to your organisation, please contact Joel Kellam, by email on joel.kellam@the-mtc.org.

MTC Liverpool's Spot® the robotic dog