Case study – Seadrill

15th October 2018

In 2014, Seadrill, a global leader in offshore deep-water drilling, chose to relocate its international service centre from Dubai to Liverpool, creating almost 100 jobs.

New York Stock Exchange – listed Seadrill owns and operates 68 offshore oil and gas drilling rigs, and employs more than 10,000 people working across five continents.

The decision to establish its service centre in Liverpool was driven by several factors relating to the availability of talent, telecommunications and transport infrastructure.

“Owing to the global nature of our business, it was important that we positioned our service centre in a location within the GMT time zone. This allows us to work with Asia in the morning; Africa, the Middle East and Europe at lunch time; and the Americas in the afternoon. “Liverpool and the North West of England has excellent national and international transport links and a large talent pool to draw from.

Add to these factors the city’s rich maritime heritage which has made it famous around the world, Liverpool adds up as the perfect location for us. We are delighted to be here and proud to add Liverpool to our list of office locations” said CEO and President of Seadrill, Per Wullf.

15th October 2018