Our brand

Our brand

Our brand represents what we stand for and what we want to be famous for. We are an international brand with a social conscience which translates across nationalities and cultures.

These guidelines will help us tell our story to the world. More than that, they are designed to make sure we all tell the same, persuasive story that leaves people in no doubt about just how great the Liverpool City Region is.

Our vision

To create one of the most globally competitive, environmentally responsible, socially inclusive economies in the UK and beyond, for the benefit of all.

Our mission

We will harness our entrepreneurialism, ambition and creative curiosity to make a fairer, greener, healthier and happier society.

We will help our businesses proudly create profit through purpose, and our people thrive in their work and social lives, setting a radical new benchmark the rest of the country will strive to emulate.

We have a clear vision which describes our ambition for the future – the City Region we want to be. We have already come so far, yet we have so much more to contribute to the north, to the UK, and to the world.


This is underpinned by our mission which sets out what we are doing and will do for those who live here, those who visit and those who then choose to stay. It reminds us of our goals and what’s important as we continue to drive forward into a positive future.

Our values

Dare to dream. Take a stand. Come together.
Live, learn, and prosper. Think forward.

Our values are the guiding principles that shape every aspect of the City Region. They are drawn from within it, celebrating our renewed confidence and bursting civic pride while recognising there is work to be done and challenges to overcome.


Our tenacity, courage, resilience and passion have always motivated us to strive for better. They define the remarkable people who strive to lead a transformation. It’s about inspiring curiosity, knowledge and creativity, urging us to all explore new ideas and experiences.

Our brand essence

Here for Good.

Our brand essence is the core characteristic which defines our brand – the distillation of our vision, our mission, and our values into one unifying idea. It sits at the heart of everything we say and do.

Here for Good is a clear and positive articulation of what the City Region is, what it stands for, and where it’s going. Everything we do reinforces this idea.

It is evident in the progressive work that is happening across the City Region. It can be seen in our political drive and our commitment to environmental responsibility and social inclusivity.


‘Good’ is why we are here and why others should join us – a promise to all those who live in the City Region, our visitors and the businesses making this their home.

As a City Region that is resilient and able to adapt to change, we are here for good:

  • To do good for society and the environment
  • To be good to those who live, work, learn, invest and visit here.


Brand guidelines

Download the full brand guidelines to understand our brand and what to say when you are talking about the City Region. You will find guidance on the messages we use which describe the attributes and benefits of the City Region, as well as the style of imagery and video we use to tell our stories.